Substance Painter Fur Brush and transition Filter

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I made a combination of a brush and a filter to create fur textures in Substance Painter.
this contains everything you need, the brush, a basic tool preset, the filter and a smart material to get the setup running into your project.

A up to date tutorial can be found on my site:
A a bit out of date video Tutorial can be viewed here:

This Brush is currently only useable in Substance painter 2020.2.2 and later!
the important files are working but I currently cannot create the presets and smart material for older versions.

If you have questions feel free to ask.
Twitter: @eslarfox
Discord: Eslar#0621
Telegram: @eslar

Happy Painting.

Commercial use

you are free to use the brush on commercial projects, if your commission contains the substance file to be shared with the client you are free to do so.

While sharing please make sure you imported the "furbrush Basematerial" to your shelf or the session and not into the project!

the "Furbrush Filter" gets cached in projects and you do NOT need to remove it. to keep projects working you are free to share the "Furbrush Filter V2.sbsar" with your clients.

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you get: texture generator, Brush preset, Mixing Filter, Layersetup (smart Material)


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Substance Painter Fur Brush and transition Filter

251 ratings
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